Belleair Shore Boat Dock Electrical Wiring Power And Lighting Installation


RCS Electrical Services is your boat lift wiring expert. Contact us for all your Belleair Shore boat dock electrical wiring power and lighting. Also for all your boat lift, shore power, underwater lighting, dock lights installation, repair, maintenance, and any other electrical need related to your boat dock or boat lift.

We can also help you if you boat lift motor is stuck or jammed and not working. We can replace or repair your boat lift electric motor, or repair your control system, including GEM Remotes, TEC Remotes, or any other kind of boat lift controls.

RCS can install new LED lights, solar lights, pagoda lights, underwater fish lights, or any kind of lights you wish to install at your boat dock.

For all your new boat dock and boat lift electrical installations, marine electrical repairs, or any other boat dock repair needs in Belleair Shore Florida, contact us by calling or clicking the link below.

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Belleair Shore FL Dock And Boat Lift Lights Installation

Boat dock lights create an environment of safety and security around your boat dock and boat lift areas. It is best to chose lighting that casts illumination downward, away from your eyes while focusing on the floor area. This enhances safety by illuminating your pathway while keeping glare to a minimum.

Boat dock lights can ensure that you see your dock well as you are returning home after dark. This can avoid costly damage to your boat should you collide with the dock while maneuvering your boat.

Boat dock lighting is also important for the safety of you and your passengers as you enter or exit your vessel at night.

Dock lighting can allow you to stay at the dock and entertain your guests well into the late hours of the night, without fearing that you or them may unexpectedly end up in the water.

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Boat Lift Remote Control Sales Repair Installation Service.
Gem Remotes

A Remote Control is one of the best things you can do for your boat lift. Installation of a Gem Remotes control can allow you to lower your boat to the water with one single click of the button. This convenient feature is a life saver, especially during those moments when you are coming out of the water during a storm.

Gem Remotes also can allow you to turn your boat dock lights on with the same remote control button you use to operate your boat lift. This feature can make your arrival at the boat dock at night much safer. One click of the button, and all your boat dock lights will turn on immediately. Now you don't have to arrive at your dock in total darkness.  

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Some Samples Of Boat Dock Lights. We Install And Replace Boat Dock Lights. Click Here For Boat Dock Lighting Wiring And Installation.

boat dock led light
boat dock lighting
boat dock lights
boat dock led light
boat dock four tier light
boat dock three tier white light
boat dock three tier bronze light
boat dock solar lights
boat dock three tier light

Belleair Shore FL Boat Dock Shore Power Installation

We install all of our shore power circuit protected by special GFI breakers. We understand the danger associated with shore power, and our technicians take special precautions so that you and your loved ones are safe when connecting your boat to our shore power circuits.

Bad or unsafe electrical installations near or around docks can lead to Electric Shock Drowning or ESD. When people swim around leaky electrical installations, they can be exposed to these stray electrical currents and be electrocuted. This is why we use protective devices such as GFI breakers in every electrical installation we make around boat docks or boat lifts. These breakers can sense when boat or any other vessel connecting to it has faulty circuitry, and it can shut down the electrical power to the vessel before it can leak and be harmful to others.

Be wise and contact our company when you need competent technicians to install your Belleair Shore Florida boat dock shore power circuits.

Worn Out Electrical Wiring Around Your Dock Can Cause Serious Accidents And Can Be A Safety Hazard.



Consider the images above. This installation is designed to do the same thing as the electrical wiring depicted next to it. The only difference is that this boat dock wiring is safe and performs its functions correctly. All the wiring connecting to this boat dock is wired to special GFI breakers designed to protect human life in the case of accidental contact with electricity and water.

Unsafe or obsolete wiring around boat docks and boat lifts are not only a nuisance, but a life threatening hazard. The image above is a clear example of the type of wiring that ought not to be found around or near your boat dock or boat lift.

If you are using extension cords to operate your boat lift, not only you are putting yourself at risk of electrocution, but you can potentially harm other people around you as well. Electric Shock Drowning or ESD refers to drownings caused by electrocution provoked by faulty electrical wiring that leak into the water. These leaking electrical currents can paralyze and disable a swimmer near it, cause him/her to lose control of arms, legs, and other muscles, and succumb to drowning. 

Upgrade, repair and replace all electrical wiring around your boat dock or boat lift that does not appear to be working in a safe manner.

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