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RCS Electrical Services is your Cape Coral generator repair solution provider. We are specialists, installing and servicing all the best brands of generators.  We are certified by Generac, Centurion, Kohler, Briggs and Stratton, Cummins Generators, Onan Generators, Tradewinds Generators, GE and others.  Contact us now if you are in need of service, installation, or repair.

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Your Cape Coral Generator Regularly Scheduled Maintenance May Be Due Now

If you your standby generator is not running properly, or not running at all, you need to act right away. These units should not stay idle too long. Insects, rodents, and other animals will soon go inside your generator and cause additional damage as they make a home of it. This will undoubtedly cost hundreds of additional dollar to repair.

We are experts at troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining this type of equipment. We will make sure that when we are done, your unit is running according to manufacturer's specifications.

There is nothing worse than having a generator fail to start when you need it the most. Generators are very robust machines, they can work for entire days and weeks at a time without complain, but if you don’t do proper maintenance, they will soon fail. 

Even if your machine appears to be running fine, if you have not done proper maintenance, it may be needing a tune-up and other adjustments right now.

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Cape Coral Generator Repair or Enclosure Replacement. Make Your Generator Like New Again

cape coral generator repair service and maintenance


cape coral generator repair service and maintenance


In coastal areas, where generators are exposed to humid salty air, their enclosures tend to wear out fast due to corrosion. Often the generator and engine are in good condition, but rust has destroyed most of the enclosure, chassis, and base. In these kinds of circumstances we recommend that you replace the enclosure rather than discard the entire generator. 

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 Cape Coral Generator Repair and Installation Services

Maybe your generator is very old, and already has too many problems to fix. Or maybe you have never had a generator. The weather around the Cape Coral area can be unpredictable during the Summer time. A hurricane can develop out of the Gulf of Mexico, or our of the Atlantic Ocean and take out the power lines. It is vey unpleasant when hurricane shows up and you lose power, and there is a need to look for shelter outside of your home, or worst yet, to have to get on the road a be exposed to all kinds of problems. 

The reality is, that if you are going to shelter in place, it is best to be prepared with a home standby generator. Your Cape Coral generator repair experts can also sale and install new generators. Whether you need a portable generator, or a standby generator, we can make this installations for you, to ensure your safety and well being during a time of power outage.

Cape Coral RV Generator Repair, Installation, Sales, And Service

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RCS Electrical Services is your Cape Coral RV generator sales repair service installation and maintenance team. Contact us for all your RV generator needs.

We are certified technicians for Cummins RV Generator Repair, Generac RV Generator repair, Onan RV generator repair and Kohler RV generator repair. We are also certified to do Generac RV generator installation, Onan RV generator installation, and Kohler RV generator installation. Contact us for all your RV generator repair, RV generator service, and RV generator installation projects.

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Your Cape Coral Generator Repair Technicians Are Certified By Generac, Kohler, Cummins, Briggs And Stratton And Others

Generac generator repair maintenance and service.

Generac generators are very robust machines. With consistent maintenance and care they will give you a long service life.

A typical older Generac generator repair consists on minor things that are usually related to fuel pressure or sensor signal issues.

Sometimes other parts may go bad. Electronic parts such as control boards are very reliable, but electro-mechanical parts such as relays and solenoids do not fair as well.

RCS Electrical Services is well trained to repair, tune-up, and perform maintenance on your Generac generator.

When is time to do your Cape Coral generator repair, contact us. We are your expert Generac generator technicians.

Your Cape Coral Generator Repair Technicians Are Certified By Kohler 

Kohler generator repair, maintenance and service.

Kohler generators are known for their reliability and strength. A Kohler generator repair doesn't come too often if you are taking care of your generator and performing its yearly maintenance.

One thing we have noticed through the years, is that sometime people turn off their Kohler generator to keep them from exercising. Often people think that by doing this they are saving money.

The reality is that when you turn off a Kohler generator, and prevent it from doing its weekly exercise, all kinds of animals, including insects and rodents, can make a home out of your generator. These animals will chew on its electrical wiring, or make nests inside their control cabinets.  The bottom line is that it is a very bad idea to turn off or idle a Kohler generator. The money that may save in fuel is minimal, but the repair expenses are going to mount.

Although your Kohler generator is very robust and reliable, it does need regular service. If your Kohler generator is in need of service, repair or maintenance, click here to make a request for service or repair. You can also click here to learn more about our Kohler generator maintenance and repair program.

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Your Cape Coral Generator Repair Technicians Are Certified By Briggs And Stratton 

Briggs and Stratton generator repair, maintenance and service.

Briggs and Stratton has been a household name in the generator industry for many years. They have created a hardened version of their most sophisticated engines, and deployed them for generator use.

The Vanguard series of generator engines are designed to offer a high degree of reliability, long service life, and endurance. As a result, these generators don't have a history of needing extensive repairs. With consistent maintenance and scheduled services, these units will give you many years of service.

RCS Electrical Services has maintenance program that conforms to manufacturer's specifications for proper maintenance, repair and service of your Briggs and Stratton generator.

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Your Cape Coral Generator Repair Technicians Are Certified By General Electric

General Electric generator repair, maintenance and service.

General Electric has the most sophisticated standby generator in the industry today. They offer ample access to the generator and the control system. This allows the technician to conduct his maintenance and repair activities with ease and efficiency.

General Electric generator repair can be kept to a minimum if generator service is done regularly. RCS Electrical Services recommends that generator service is done at least once a year.

Sometimes generator service is not done regularly and a component of a generator may malfunction. The malfunctioning part, can then damage or destroy another part, which can become expensive.

For example, when the battery is not serviced every year, it may dry out and fail. Often the battery charger notices that the battery is not retaining its charge, and puts more power into the battery, which can explode. When a battery explodes, it sprays battery acid inside the generator cabinet. This acid can eat away at sensitive winding inside the generator, which will now cost thousands of dollars to repair. This is just one example at what can occur when generator service is neglected.

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