Dismal Key Electrical Services


RCS is your Dismal Key electrical services expert solution provider. From residential wiring and commercial electrical installation, to automation and control systems, or generator installation or repair, contact us for all electric wiring and repair needs.

Residential Rewiring and Repair

For all your residential rewiring and repair work, count on us to make your electrical problems disappear.

From minor appliance installation, fan/light fixture installation, to a kitchen rewiring project or an entire house rewiring job, we can deliver the solution you need.

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Ceiling Fan and Light Fixture Installation

We install all types of residential and commercial light fixtures and ceiling fans. If you are thinking about upgrading or installing new light fixtures or fans, let us know about your project. We can advise you in terms of what are the best ceiling fans and light fixtures for your type of home architecture, or interior design.

Kitchen Appliance Installation

RCS Electrical Services installs kitchen appliances.  From a built-in double oven, a garbage disposal, dish washer or an over the counter microwave; we are able to install all your kitchen appliances.

Dismal Key Electrical Services Offers Boat Dock Wiring For Power, Lighting, and Shore Power

As you live on the water and have a boat dock, let us do the wiring for you. We are experts at wiring boat docks, including boat lifts, shore power receptacles, lighting, and any other electrical necessity for your boat dock.

There nothing more frustrating than arriving at your boat dock at night, and not able to see anything. Not only this is frustrating, but dangerous as well. 

Let us know about your boat dock wiring and lighting needs.

Dismal Key Electrical Services Offers Generator Installation, Service, and Repair

RCS Electrical Services has expertise wiring, installing, and integrating solar panels and generators. 

We are able to integrate your solar panels and generator in a way that you will realize huge savings in your fuel cost.

When power goes out the internet stops working, the refrigerator goes out and your food spoils, life inside your home becomes unbearable as your heating/air conditioning, television, water heater, stove, and lighting stop working. 

Let us maintain and optimize your solar panels and generator for optimal performance and reliability.

Your Dismal Key electrical services company, RCS Electrical Services is your expert standby generator installation, repair, and service solution provider. We are certified by the manufacturers of the best brands of generators including, Generac, Centurion, Kohler, Briggs and Stratton, GE and others.  Contact us now if you are in need of serviceinstallation, or repair.

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Installation of Primary Surge Protector Recommended By Your Dismal Key Electrical Services Providers.

Don't forget to outfit your electrical panel with a surge protector. This is a small investment that packs major protection for your home and all your sensitive electronic equipment such as flat screen tv, computers, etc.

A surge protector installs right inside your main electrical panel and acts as a sentinel, preventing all surges from entering your home and destroying your wiring, appliances, and possibly causing a fire.

Electrical surges are high sudden voltage fluctuations associated with storm activitiy. When the power lines are striken by lightning or toppled over due to falling trees or high winds, they generate sudden high voltages. These dangerous voltages can enter your home and destroy or cause damage to your electrical system.

Protect your flat screen TV and computers with a primary surge protector today.

Dismal Key Electrical Services New Residential Wiring 

If you are a builder, or a homeowner building your own home. Let RCS Electrical Services do the electrical wiring for you. 

Our wiring specialists can bring your home into the 21st century with home automation, including integrated cable TV, security alarm, intercom, wired voice and data network, and automated lighting you can control over the internet.

Let us know when you want to wire the latest technology into your home or business.

Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation By Your Buckingham Electrical Services Company

A solar energy system (PV) can do great things for the environment and your bottom line. RCS installs solar panels.

If you have a location with great southern expossure, whether on your rooftop, or at ground level, and want to invest in a solar system that can save you money on your electric bill. Let us show you how you can make this situation work for you.

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