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What To Do As You Wait For Your Electrician

So, you have an electrical problem, and probably feel uneasy, concerned, and worried about it. It is okay to feel this way, but also, it is a good idea to take certain steps as you wait for your electrician to arrive.

If your electrical panel is smoking, for example, don’t be passive about it. This is no time to be casual, its time to act. Take your family, pets, and loved ones out the house or building immediately and call 911. The same goes for any electrical appliance or device that you see smoking. Don’t be a hero, electrical fires can not be put out with water, so please don't try to put the fire out, you may be electrocuted. My advise is don't even try to disconnect the appliance; your life may be in danger, find your way out of the building quick and call 911.

On the other hand, if your receptacle stopped working, one of your breakers just keeps tripping, or you feel a jolt when you touch one of your appliances, you can take some measures as you wait for your electric repair to get done.

The first thing to do when you suspect something is wrong with your electrical wiring; is to turn off the source of energy to the device or appliance. The safest thing to do, usually, is to turn its switch off, or go to the electrical panel and turn the breaker supplying power to the device off. Then you call your electrician.

Unless you are very competent, don’t attempt to make an electrical correction.  Chances are you can make things worse than they already are. Besides, dealing with electricity is dangerous and unpredictable.  I recommend you leave this for your electrician. He is the professional who has the experience and training to safely deal with this type of situation. Call him and explain the problem the best you can, and obtain an appointment date and time from him to come perform the electric repair. If this is an emergency to you, make sure you make him aware of this, so he can give your request high priority and sees you right away.

How to Chose Who Does Your Electric Repair

If you are a homeowner, you seldom need the service of an electrician. You may be tempted to think that since you don’t need this type of service person regularly, it is not worth pursuing a relationship with one. But I feel it could be beneficial to build at least a casual relationship with the person who does your electric repair.

One thing to do when you are trying to chose your service provider, is to spend some time and observe how this electrician behaves as he interacts with you. Is he kind and gentle or grumpy and grouchy? Does he call you when he is running a little late? Is he transparent when he explains things to you? Does he look in the eye when he speaks? Does he empathize with your situation? Does he seem knowledgeable and competent? Does he make an effort to keep costs down? Is he fair? Does he give you different options for your electric repair?

There may be other traits that are important to you, the point that I am trying to make is this. Look for someone that is compatible with you, someone that you can trust and relate to, and that you can refer to your friends when they need help. Look for someone that will be there for you next time you need help.

Once you find this person, keep him.  It is not easy to find this type of individual, but it is well worth it.  When life’s little and large emergencies knock on your door, it is good to know you have someone you can rely on.

The Cost of an Electric Repair

The cost of an electric repair varies. It can be as little as $59.00 and as much as thousands of dollars. Small repairs are easy to handle, but when you are dealing with something major, it is good to deal with a service provider that can process a credit card payment.

For the most part, electrical repairs should not be too costly, or come too often.  Modern electrical installations must meet strict electrical codes. Electrical wiring is very robust and long-lasting, and it is not rare for it to last thirty plus years without needing repairs.

So don’t feel bad when you need those repairs, and pay your electrician well.  He is not going to come knocking back on your door any time soon. If you have chosen well, you may not see him very often, but you can maintain the relationship by referring your trusted repair man to others, knowing that he will take good care of them.

When to Make Your Electric Repair

An electric repair may come at a bad time. Actually, there is not such a thing as a great time to have a repair. But as many things are in life, they often show up unexpectedly. But if you must have it done, the best thing to do is to group anything that looks worn out, outdated, obsolete, or not up to code, and get it done while you have your electrician there.

It may be that you have been thinking about installing a ceiling fan, some exterior lighting, or new GFI receptacles on your countertop. Take the opportunity that you have your service person there, and take care of all these things at once.  It is less expensive to have all these things done at one time, than causing him to take several trips to help you. By the way, when you have your electrician there, is a good time to ask him to conduct an electrical safety check on your wiring.  He may be able to alert you of things that are lurking and need your attention.

Obviously, sometimes you must make your repair when they problem occurs, but whenever you can, try to do several repairs and updates at the same. It is a more efficient use of resources such as time and money.

How To Avoid Having a Costly Electrical Repair

It is important to try to avoid a costly electric repair. But it is even more important to avoid having an electrical accident at home.

One thing you can do to avoid a costly repair is to stay away from tampering with the electrical wiring of your home.  You may think that you could save money by making an electrical installation yourself; and this could be true if you are competent with circuits and wiring, but if you are not, don’t attempt this. The safety issues, and the cost to repair your wiring, may be many times the money you thought you would save. For your own safety, and financial health, avoid tampering with wiring, unless you have a sound understanding of this field.

Another way you could avoid costly electric repairs is by doing frequent checks on your electrical devices.  Look for worn out or broken receptacles, defective switches, ceiling fans, or light fixtures, and bring your electrician to repair them before they endanger your electrical wiring or your safety. Please don’t touch or attempt to repair broken or worn out electrical devices such as receptacles or switches.  They may seem very easy, but once you start dealing with them your safety may be compromised, as well as the health of your electrical wiring.

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