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RCS Electrical Services is offering Fort Myers electrician jobs to the right candidates. Fill the form below, or read more to learn about us.

Electrician Jobs

If you are looking for electrician jobs, just looking for a paycheck, this is not the offer for you.

Our company is made up of a tight knit group of technicians that are scattered throughout. We treat one another like family, and when you join us, that is what you will be; part of our family.

We are here to nurture one another, help each other improve our skill sets, and collaborate to offer a great service to our customers and improve our finances.

If you are a competent electrician, you have a customer focused attitude, and like to help others, we invite you to join us.

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Our Goals For These Fort Myers Electrician Jobs

These Fort Myers electrician jobs come with goals. They are as follows, and they are prioritized in the order written: 

  1. To help our customer solve their electrical problems.
  2. To grow as individuals and technicians.
  3. To improve our finances to better support our families.

Goal Number One

Helping our customer solve their electrical problems is our number one goal. That is the reason people hire us, and the reason we exist.

We need to be prompt, courteous, and kind to our customers. Solve their problems quickly and efficiently, without wasting their money or their time.

When our customers hire us, we need to treat them like they are family also. Do everything posible that this interaction would be a pleasing one, and in the end, our customer is satisfied that you solved their problem, and you worked hard for the money they spent. Don't leave until you know your customer is completely satisfied.

Goal Number Two

Growing as individuals and technicians is goal number two for these electrician jobs.

We must be always learning new skills with which we could help more customers. The more skills we have, the more people we can serve.

The idea is not only to grow ourselves, but to help one another grow as well. You share with your new family skills you know can help them grow, in turn each one of us to the same thing for each other. This way we grow more powerful everyday.

Improving our skills, allows us to help more customers, which in turn helps us improve our finances.

Goal Number Three

Last but not least is our goal of improving our own individual finances. We are all trying to provide for our families, as no one of us wants to see our families go without.

We have special plan for you, in where you will have the opportunity to establish and reach your financial goals. This is an exciting opportunity, and we are eager to hear from you. 

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