Fort Myers Generator Installation


When Power Goes Out Be Prepared With A Standby Generator

generator installation Fort Myers Florida

A Fort Myers generator installation has become a necessity as the weather turns more unpredictable every year. Natural disasters can happen almost anywhere in the world. When hurricanes, wind and lightning storms strike one of the first things to go are the power lines, and life turns to misery.

Fortunately you got us. RCS Electrical Services specializes in Guardian generator repair, Generac generator repair, Centurion generator repair, Kohler generator repair, Briggs and Stratton generator repair, and many other brands of generator repair. We are also certified to do Generac generator installation, Guardian generator installation, Centurion generator installation, Kohler generator installation, Briggs and Stratton generator installation, General Electric generator installation,  and others. Contact us now if you are in need of generator servicegenerator maintenancegenerator installation, or generator repair.

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Automatic Standby Back Up Generator Installation Cost. These Prices Include Generator, Transfer Switch and Labor.  Tank or Fuel Installation Is Extra.

  1. 11Kw Can power small sized homes with 3-ton or smaller air conditioning units, starting at $12,900.00
  2. 13KW Are able to power mid sized homes with AC units smaller than 4-ton, starting at $13,900.00
  3. 20Kw Units can power larger homes with air conditioning compressors rated at less than 5-ton, starting price $18,900.00
  4. Larger commercial or industrial generators require onsite visits to determine installation price.

Note: Standard installation price includes the following:

  • Placement of generator within five feet of electrical meter or main electrical panel.
  • Provision and installation of manual transfer switch
  • Provision and installation of new generator
  • Concrete pad installed at grade level
  • Gas and Electrical permits are provided at additional cost.
  • Engineered drawings and load calculations
  • Note: Fuel tank or fuel connections are extra.

Protect Your Family And Those Things Valuable To You With A Fort Myers Generator Installation

If you have small children or elderly family members living at home, you must have an automatic generator installed. The little ones just don't understand what is going on. They just want to watch their favorite TV programming, sleep in their own bed, play with their toys, be fed when they are hungry or thirsty. If it gets too hot or too cold for their comfort they get very irritable, and then life just becomes miserable.

A Fort Myers generator installation will avoid all these inconveniences, and afford you the protection you need in a time of emergency.

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Fort Myers Generator Installation Complete Turnkey Solutions

RCS Electrical Services offers a complete solution for your Fort Myers generator installation. We handle the entire project, so that you have peace of mind in the knowledge that you have a single point of contact for all questions and concerns.  

From purchasing the generator, to handling the concrete base and installing the electrical wiring and fuel line, RCS Electrical Services will handle your project, with integrity and professionalism.

When you hire the big box store to do your project, often times they have no clue what is going on with your installation. They simply don't have any idea about even the simplest things, like how a generator works. This is not the case with us. We are the true experts, who are trained and certified to bring you complete trouble free solutions to your generation installation projects.

Fort Myers Generator Installation Optimized For Your Unique Needs

There is no cookie cutter approach to doing this work. The geography and topology of your property, together with your own individual way of using energy, coupled with the way your electrical service was initially installed when your house of building was constructed, create a unique set of challenges for each installation.

Usually there are more than one solution to each installation, and they must be evaluated and analyzed by a knowledgeable technician. The technician must then explain these options to you so that you can make a decision that makes sense for your unique set of needs.

When RCS Electrical Services evaluates your project, and presents you with our solutions, we do it simply on the basis of what is best for you and your family. We make sure that what we are suggesting is absolutely the best solution for you, customized to your unique needs and optimized for your specific set of circumstances.

Fort Myers Generator Installation And Load Calculation

Your Fort Myers generator installation experts need to know your current electrical load or usage. This information is used to size a generator that can provide the amount of power you need. In order to do this, you must submit some information related to the size of your home or building, your current electrical equipment, and a list of your small appliances. 

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Generator Sizing

Generator sizing is an important aspect of your installation. Wrongly sizing your generator can negatively impact your project.

A generator that is too big for your application will penalize you twice. Once with a higher up front cost for the equipment, materials and installation cost. An over sized generator will penalize your for its entire service life, levying higher running cost in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance.

A generator that is too small, will disappoint you when it won't operate properly during a disaster and other emergencies.

Once you have filled a load calculation form, your generator installation expert can start the process of specifying your generator by sizing it correctly.

 Fort Myers Generator Installation With Guaranteed Peace Of Mind

RCS Electrical Services is committed to the idea of offering drama free and surprise free installations. We not only strive to perform great installations for you, but we also offer great warranty services for your peace of mind.

Our installation comes with a one year labor warranty, and at least three year product warranty. If anything is wrong with our labor for one entire year, we will correct it free of charge to you. 

If your generator fails due to electrical or mechanical reasons during the first three years after installation, we will start a warranty claim process with the manufacturer, and then make the repairs for you at no charge.

Professional Installation Done With Care, A  Rare Twist

RCS Electrical Services is proud of the level of skilled we have gathered through many years of field experience, coupled with technical training received from generator manufacturers such as Briggs and Stratton, Generac, General Electric, and Kohler.

When you ask us to do your project, you can be assured that we don't take the fact that you chose us lightly. We will work for you employing the best techniques, materials, parts and equipment so that your installation has the quality you and your family deserve and expect from your Fort Myers generator installation professional.

Our technicians think of each other as being part of a family here at RCS Electrical Services. When we give you a completed project, is like you are also joining our own family, as we will continue to service your generator in the future. Not only you get a professional generator installation, but we do it in a way that shows that we care, and that your family well being matters greatly to us.

Fort Myers Generator Installation With World Class Customer Service

Your Fort Myers generator installation comes with world class customer services. RCS Electrical Services has done generator installation for two major national retail stores; The Home Depot, and Lowe's. During the time that we installed for these stores, we interacted with many different customers. By having this daily interactions, we learned valuable lessons in customer service.

You now can be the recipient of all the knowledge we have acquired through the years. You will have the benefit of great customer service, without the sticker shock of dealing with a big box store. When you deal with a big box store, you are just a number to them, not an individual, and most certainly not a human being. When you hire us, you become part of our family, and you will be treated as such.

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Your Fort Myers generator installation group also performs installations in the following cities in Lee county:

Alva, Boca Grande, Bokeelia, Bonita Springs, Buckingham, Cape Coral, Captiva, East Dunbar, Estero, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers Villas, Gateway, Hancock, Iona, Lehigh Acres

Matlacha, Miromar Lakes, North Fort Myers, Page Park, Pineland, Pine Island Center, Punta Rassa, Sanibel, San Carlos Park, St. James City, Suncoast Estates, Tice, Waterway Estates, Whiskey Creek