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If you need your standby generator repaired, RCS Electrical Services has a lot of expertise in this area. We are specialists, selling, installing and servicing all the best brands.  We are certified with Generac, Centurion, Kohler, Briggs and Stratton, GE and others.  Call us now if you are in need of service, installation, or repair (800)779-3848

Your Generator May Need Attention

If you your standby generator is not running properly, or not running at all, you need to act right away. These units should not stay idle too long. Insects, rodents, and other animals will soon make a home inside your generator and cause addtional damage inside your unit, which may cost hundreds of additional dollar to repair.

We are experts at troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining this type of equipment. We will make sure that when we are done, your unit is running according to manufacturer's specifications.

There is nothing worse than having a generator fail to start when you need it the most. Generators are very robust machines, they can work for entire days and weeks at a time without complain, but if you don’t do proper maintenance, they will soon fail. 

Even if your machine appears to be running fine, if you have not done proper maintenance, it may be needing a tune-up and other adjustments right now.

Read below to learn how you can use our services.

Automatic Standby Generator Repaired Rates

If you are having your standby generator repaired by us, we have an hourly rate for these repairs. 

If your generator is not running at all, we need to do diagnostic testing on your unit to establish what the problem is. Click here to learn about generator repair cost.

We can often find the problems and repair them on the spot without additional cost to you. If the problem requires part replacement, or additional labor to repair, we will give you the cost at that moment.

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Charges For Automatic Standby Generator Maintenance

These are the prices for generator maintenance. The cost reflects the charges for each trip. Our generator maintenance is done twice per year. You will be charged this fee every time our technician perform this service.

  1. $225.00 for air-cooled generator up to 20kw
  2. $280.00 for liquid-cooled generator up to 60kw
  3. $389.00 for liquid-cooled generator up to 150kw
  4. For all others call our office for pricing

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