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We are your Neptune Beach generator experts, selling, installing, and servicing all types of generators. 

RCS Electrical Services specializes in Guardian generator repair, Generac generator repair, Centurion generator repair, Kohler generator repair, Briggs and Stratton generator repair, Onan generator repair, and many other brands of generator repair. We are also certified to do Generac generator installation, Guardian generator installation, Centurion generator installation, Kohler generator installation, Briggs and Stratton generator installation, General Electric generator installation, Onan generator installation, and others. Contact us now if you are in need of generator servicegenerator maintenancegenerator installation, or generator repair.

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Please Review Your Generator Installation Costs Below.

  1. 11Kw Can power small sized homes with 3-ton or smaller air conditioning units, starting at $12,900.00
  2. 13KW Are able to power mid sized homes with AC units smaller than 4-ton, starting at $13,900.00
  3. 20Kw Units can power larger homes with air conditioning compressors rated at less than 5-ton, starting price $18,900.00
  4. Larger commercial or industrial generators require onsite visits to determine installation price.

Note: Standard installation price includes the following:

  • Placement of generator within five feet of electrical meter or main electrical panel.
  • Provision and installation of manual transfer switch
  • Provision and installation of new generator
  • Concrete pad installed at grade level
  • Gas and Electrical permits are provided at additional cost.
  • Engineered drawings and load calculations
  • Note: Fuel tank or fuel connections are extra.

Neptune Beach Generator Housing and Enclosure Kit Replacement



Neptune Beach Generator Repair, Service and Maintenance Costs

When we first do service on a generator, the cost is $600.00 for air cooled, and $750.00 for liquid cooled up to 60 KW. Call for pricing on larger generators.  These prices are for propane and natural gas generators only.  Pricing is different for all diesel generators. Call for price on larger units.

You will receive large discounts if you become our customer and sign a five year service agreement.

These are the service fee for regular propane or natural gas generator maintenance:

  1. $600.00 for air-cooled generators up to 20 KW
  2. $750.00 for liquid-cooled generators up to 60 KW
  3. $950.00 for liquid-cooled generators 70 KW up to 150 KW
  4. Call for pricing for all other generator sizes

These are the service fees for diesel generators:

  1. $750.00 for liquid-cooled generators up to 20 KW
  2. $850.00 for liquid-cooled generators up 60  KW
  3. $1,100.00 for liquid-cooled generators up to 150 KW
  4. Call for pricing for all other generator sizes

If your generator is not running there is an additional fee of $450.00 for generator troubleshooting and diagnosis.

Diesel generator troubleshooting fees start at $590.00. These fees are for standby generator which are less than 100 KW. 

This fee applies to generators under 100 KW. Call for fee rates for larger generators.

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Types of Generators

There are two basic types of generators in use today for residential and commercial applications; portable and standby.  They each offer a unique set of advantages and disadvantages.  In order to choose which one is right for you, it is necessary to understand your particular situation to determine which type of generator may best fit your need.

When trying to determine which type of unit is best for you, the best choice is to find a professional generator technician that you trust, and consult with him about what type of unit is best suited to your application.

Most reputable technicians will assess a consultation fee to come to you and analyze your particular situation.  Your Cape Coral generator experts at RCS Electrical Services, have a small fee of $39.00. This fee is well worth the information you are going to receive. 

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Standby Generators

Standby generators are tremendous necessity in your household or business, if you can’t afford to be without power, for even the smallest amount of time.  Whether you have an elderly person at home, that is on oxygen, a business you run from home, or you run an operation that needs constant power, a standby generator can be a great tool to own. 

Standby generators are usually installed with automatic transfer switches.  Transfer switches allow generators to monitor the utility lines. When the generator sees that the utility lines have lost power, it starts within five seconds.  After the generator starts, it tells the transfer switch to disconnect the house or building from the utility lines, and then it sends electrical energy to the main electrical panel through the transfer switch.

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Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of an standby generator

Best Brands of Standby Generators For Florida Weather

Florida's humid salty air is hard on metal surfaces. Generator enclosures tend to develop rust when exposed long term to this salty humid type of weather. These are the best generators for Florida type of weather.

  1. Generac
  2. Briggs and Stratton
  3. Kohler
  4. General Electric

Read below to gain more information on the different brands of standby generators.

Generac Home and Commercial Standby Generator Sales Repair Service Maintenance and Installation By Your Neptune Beach Generator Experts

Generac is one of the leaders in the manufacturing and sale of standby generators.  They offer a wide range of standby generators.  You can pick from a small air cooled 7KW generator to a very large unit suitable for industrial applications. For most residential applications you will do well to consider the air cooled standby generators. If you feel your application needs a more robust generator, then you ought to opt for a liquid cooled unit.

Generac has the Guardian series which includes 8KW, 10KW, 14KW, 17KW, 20KW, 25KW, 30KW, 45KW, and 60KW. They also have the QuiteSource series which includes the 22KW, 27KW, 36KW, and 48KW machines.  I personally recommend these generators over the Guardian Series units.  They are so much more powerful and robust, there is no comparison.

This company is especially good with training and certifying their technicians, and very good with parts.  You can order these generators with confidence, knowing that you will not be left with a unit that cannot be serviced. Their transfer switches are also very good, and do an adequate job at handling their task.  Their price is affordable and the performance is good.

Generac also has larger generators, ranging all the way to several mega watts. Contact us for these larger generators.

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Briggs and Stratton Home and Commercial Standby Generator Sales Repair Service Maintenance and Installation By Your Neptune Beach Generator Experts

Briggs and Stratton produce a very good generator.  Their engines are superb, and are very easy to install, repair, and maintain. They are a relatively new player in the standby generator market, but they bring lots of great technology with them.

One thing I love about their standby generator program is their transfer switch technology.  They really have a great load control program.  Load control is the technology that allows generators to know when they are carrying too much load.  Through their transfer switch, they are able to disconnect certain large loads for a discrete amount of time. Sometimes they may disconnect your stove for a few milliseconds, and you don’t even notice, but it allows the generator to work well within its factory parameters, not exceeding its capacity or rating.

Briggs and Stratton has many standby generator sizes ranging from 8KW to 48KW. They also have larger commercial and industrial generators. Contact us for larger sizes.

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Kohler Home and Commercial Standby Generator Sales Repair Service Maintenance and Installation By Your Neptune Beach Generator Experts

Kohler produces a very robust and quiet standby generator.  These units run very smoothly, and are extremely reliable.  I am not too fond of their transfer switches, since the basic units lack the capability to do load control.  Then transfer switches that have this capability are very expensive.

If you are in the market to obtain a Kohler generator, and need a certified technician to provide it, install it and service it, we will happy honored to be chosen to do this project for you

Kohler has many standby generator sizes ranging from 8KW to 48KW.

There are larger sizes generator than the ones listed above. If you have a application that requires a larger unit, contact us.

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General Electric Home and Commercial Standby Generator Sales Repair Service Maintenance and Installation By Your Neptune Beach Generator Experts

Generac Electric Standby Generator Sales In Neptune Beach FloridaClick Here If You Are Interested In Buying A General Electric Standby Generator

General Electric produces a generator which is an upgrade of an already good system.  General Electric’s generators are manufactured by Briggs and Stratton. These are very sophisticated generators, that come with a very strong warranty program.

As I said before, these units are an upgrade from the Briggs and Stratton generators. I want to emphasize that Briggs and Stratton already build a very good generator, therefore, GE units are just superb.  You will be happy owning one.

Generac Electric has many standby generator sizes ranging from 8KW to several mega watts. Click here to buy a new General Electric standby generator