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RCS Electrical Services is your North Lauderdale electrician. Contact us for boat dock and boat lift wiring, generator installation and repair, solar panel installation and all your electrical needs. 

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Residential Electrical Services Offered By Your North Lauderdale Florida Electrician

It may be that you are experiencing an electrical emergency at home, your kitchen lights or plugs stopped working, or your main electrical panel has a breaker which has decided to trip. Or maybe you are in the process of rewiring your kitchen, your bathroom, or just plain rewiring your entire house. No matter what type of electrical problems you are experiencing, we are able to help you.

Your North Lauderdale electrician, is also experienced with, swimming pool lighting and wiring, electrical service repair, generator installation, and many other electrical services.

If you have beautiful landscaped outdoors, try our nightscape lighting program. We turn dark unsafe areas of your yard, into a beautiful, inviting and enchanting night visions. Click here to learn more about landscape lighting

Your North Lauderdale electrician is a kitchen rewiring specialist. Our kitchen lighting packages are not only beautiful, but functional. We place emphasis on your work surfaces, around the counter top, and focus our recessed lighting there, so that you have plenty of illumination right there, where you need it most. And if you want something fancier, we can give your under counter space, soft gentle lighting, which can give you more illumination when you are preparing those special meals. It also can be dimmed later, for those after meal quiet moments, when you can do without the glare.

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New Residential Wiring By Your Electrician North Lauderdale fl

If you are building a new home, and need to hire an electrician to do your wiring, contact us. We have many years of experience wiring new homes. We understand local electrical codes, and are current on the latest and safest practices when it comes to new residential wiring.

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Electric Repair Performed By Your Electrician In North Lauderdale Florida

From a receptacle installation, exhaust fan installation, boat dock lighting installation, to a new electrical panel installation, electrical service upgrade, or fuse panel repair, contact us for all your residential electrical repairs and services.

There is no job so small that we will refuse it. Maybe you just need light fixture installation, or ceiling fan installation, or a GFI receptacle installation, outdoor lighting or indoor lighting installation. No matter what your electrical needs are, let us know about it and we will be ready to help.

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Your North Lauderdale FL Electrician Does Swimming Pool Light Installation 

Don't worry when your pool has gone dark. We are here to help. When the time come that you need swimming pool light installation or repair, just let us know. We are experts with the installation of swimming pool lights, or the repair of swimming pool light fixtures.

Contact us for swimming pool light installation.

Boat Dock And Boat Lift Wiring For Lighting and Off Shore Power

Your boat dock can be down right dangerous when you arrive after dark. Be sure to let us know if you are interested in better illumination for your boat dock.

We have a lot of experience with boat dock lighting, and boat lift wiring. We have a special technique in where we can cast lights down into the water at the boat dock's edge. This method has the effect of clearly indicating the contour of your boat dock which will make it safer to approach if you are coming in at night.

We can also provide shore power, boat dock internet connections, boat dock water service, and automatic boat lift controls employing GEM Remote Controls.

Contact us for your boat dock power, boat dock lighting, shore power and boat lift wiring needs.

Surge Protector

Don't forget to outfit your electrical panel with a surge protector. This is a small investment that packs major protection for your home all your sensitive electronic equipment such as flat screen tv, computers, etc.

A surge protector install right inside your main electrical panel and acts as a sentinel, preventing all surges from entering your home and destroying your wiring, appliances, and possibly causing a fire.

Electrical surges are high sudden voltage fluctuations associated with storm activitiy. When the power lines are striken by lightning or toppled over due to falling trees or high winds, they generate sudden high voltages. These dangerous voltages can enter your home and destroy or cause damage to your electrical system. Protect yourself with a surge protector.

Solar Energy System Design  And Solar Panels Installation By Your North Lauderdale Electrician

Solar panels are no longer priced so high that they are out of reach from the typical consumer. Today a small roof top solar energy system can be purchased and installed for under $9,000.00.

If you had an electric car, and proceeded to do a solar panel installation for your property, you could save up to $450.00 per month. This could be achieved by a combination of lowering your electric bill and net savings of not having to purchase gasoline for your car again. In three years, a system such as this, can pay for itself; creating a stream of free cash for you after the third year.

Consider the combination of an electric car and solar panel installation as a better investment than most anything Wall Street can do for you today.

If you have a location with great southern exposure, whether on your rooftop, or at ground level, and want to invest in a solar energy system that can save you money on your electric bill, contact us and let us show you how these solar panels can make make money for you.

Contact us for all your solar energy needs.

Standby Generators By Your North Lauderdale Electrician

standby genrator, electric generator, miami fl

Standby generators are necessity in your household or business, if you can’t afford to be without power, for even the smallest amount of time. Whether you have an elderly person at home, that is on oxygen, a business you run from home, or you run an operation that needs constant power, a standby generator is what you need.

These machines are completely automatic, watching the power line status every second of the day and night. If they sense that the power lines have failed, they start and within seconds, your property is operating as if you were still connected to the grid. When disasters strike, you can feel good that you have planned ahead, and protected those things that matter most to you. 

Your North Lauderdale electrician is also and expert generator technician. When it comes to generator installation, generator service, generator maintenance, or generator repair, contact your North Lauderdale fl generator technician for all your generator needs.

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Or click here if your generator needs repair or maintenance. 

North Lauderdale Florida Commercial Electrician

If you are a builder doing commercial construction in North Lauderdale Florida or Broward county, and need a commercial electrician, contact our office. We have the expertise and the technical training to help you with your commercial wiring needs.

Or maybe you are trying to open your own business.  It may be a restaurant, a store front, or a warehouse.  It doesn’t matter, if you need commercial electrical installation, commercial electrical repair, or commercial electrical maintenance, contact us and let us know about it.

Contact us for all your commercial wiring needs.

North Lauderdale Florida Industrial Electrician

If you manage or operate an industrial or manufacturing facility, you North Lauderdale electrician can also help you with those projects.  We are able to provide consulting and installation services in a variety of industrial settings, and we have extensive experience with control systems.  If you have a relay logic problem, PLC control system design, or PLC programming issue, or if you are assembling or upgrading a conveyor system or an industrial machine, we would like to offer our technical services to you. 

Think of RCS Electrical Services when you need solutions for your industrial wiring problems.

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