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eletrical repair

If you need an electrical repair technician, search no more. RCS Electrical Services is here to help. Our electricians are well qualified to solve all your electrical problems.

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Electric Repair For Residential Buildings

Your electric repair technician is an expert with residential wiring. When your wiring or your devices need repair, he will be able to help. From receptacles, switches and light fixtures, to your fans, smoke detectors, breaker panels and a host of other electrical equipment, he will be able to repair or replace them so that you can get you back to your normal routine.

It can be annoying when your smoke detectors beep continuously for no apparent reason, or when a simple thing such as a kitchen light fixture stop working. Suddenly, even minor tasks become impossible. Don't let a simple thing like this frustrate you. Contact RCS Electrical Services anytime you need any type of residential electrical repair.

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Residential Electrical Service Upgrade

Electrical Service is the part of your wiring that connects your home to the utility. Often the electrical service equipment include your electrical meter, electrical mast, and main breaker panel.

The electrical service equipment rarely needs repairs, but often in times of storms or violent weather it can be damaged.

If your electrical service has been damaged due to weather related activity and needs repair, let us know, we can fix this problem for you. Also if your service needs to be upgraded, or your electrical panel changed, we can make this installation for you as well.

Contact RCS Electrical Services for all your electrical service repairs and upgrades. 

Electrical Wiring For Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings also need electric repair. Sometimes parts of these buildings need to be rewired. It could be new lighting, or an electrical service upgrade. Or maybe you have a new tenant that needs to wire a new space. No matter what type of commercial electrical wiring you need, we could be your solution provider. Contact us for all your commercial rewiring needs.

Wiring For Industrial Applications

Wiring or rewiring for industrial applications are a little different. Often electrical systems are interconnected with pneumatic or hydraulic systems. This fact often complicates the work of a technician when an electrical repair is needed.

At RCS Electrical Services we have the technical knowledge to analyze and repair the most complex and difficult electrical circuits. Let us know when you need technicians to repair or install your industrial wiring.

Automation And Control Systems

PLC and modern control systems are often difficult to troubleshoot and repair. Most complex electronics and control circuits require advanced training in order to understand them and execute any changes and repair. Our technicians at RCS Electrical Services have training and certifications with some of the most popular PLC's manufacturers such as Allen Bradley and GE.

Contact us when you need help repairing, rewiring, or installing industrial control or automation systems.

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